"Piano lessons with Joyce were my son's first time learning a musical instrument, starting at age 12. This being a late age to start, it has been a challenge for him to feel comfortable or natural with the piano. Joyce has been encouraging to my son and keeping him interested. It has not been easy, but he is getting better and getting more joy from playing. Piano lessons are optional for my son, and the fact he wants to continue is due to Joyce's kind and nurturing teaching method. " Karen
" Having Joyce come to our house for Piano lessons makes things so much easier. With 4 kids, gymnastics, scouts and a variety of sports. I'm not sure we could fit her lessons in if we had to drive. Joyce has a good way working with children of all ages. I enjoy listening to my daughter after her lesson and during the week. She improves more with each lesson. I'm glad we were introduced to Joyce." Shawn
"Having Joyce come to our house to give my son and daughter piano lessons is the most positive experience for both kids. Learning something at home adds relaxation and comfort to the process. The time spent can accommodate the hectic schedule they both have. But most of all, Joyce adds the element of pure pleasure to learn music. Cheers to Joyce!!" Cara
"After an almost 20 year hiatus, at the age of 39 I decided to return to the piano. Joyce is a kind, patient and engaged teacher. She teaches theory alongside technique in a low-stress encouraging manner. Her schedule is flexible, rates extremely reasonable and she comes to your house!" Janice

Hello there,

I'd like to reach out on Joyce's behalf and tell you a little bit about our experience with her. I just wrote something similar to another parent interested in lessons with her. I think you will be pleased with your choice if you decide to have Joyce teach your children. She is a lovely, patient and kind woman and in my opinion an exceptional teacher. I have three children who take lessons with her. My oldest started piano at 5 years old and had a couple of different teachers before Joyce. My son started off with drums and switched to piano at age 7 when we found Joyce. My youngest, now 7, started with Joyce at 5. Having lessons in your own home is wonderful! My husband and I go about our business while Joyce works with all three kids, one after the next. She speaks/works with each of my children differently. She really gets to know the kids and has an good understanding of each them. My children love her. She gets to the best out of them even if they are having an off day or seem distracted. She never gives up and keeps them going. My son is a perfect example of that. He was unfocused last year during lessons. She stayed with him though and he started to really engage. I'm proud to say he received a certificate for "Most Improved Student" at this year's recital. Her flexibility is unmatchable. Our past music schools required contracts with strict attendance policies. Joyce asks for a reasonable notice if you need to cancel that week but that's it. She understands people have conflicts. We find her amazing and feel as though she's part of the family.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards, Jenna

"I played piano from 2nd to 10th grade, then resumed piano as an adult after a 40+ year hiatus. I am truly enjoying playing piano again. Joyce is patient, knowledgeable, and dedicated." Lisa