Do you do piano lessons in your home or our home?

  • Always in your family home on your piano
  • Learn technique & fingering on your particular piano

How much do piano lessons cost and what is your cancellation policy?

  • See Payment/Policies page

How frequent are piano lessons and when are they taught?

  • Usually weekly, Monday through Saturday, daytime and evening hours
  • Sometimes every other week

Do I order the piano books?

  • I provide piano books according to level
  • You reimburse me for piano books
  • I select piano books in theory, technique, performance

Do you teach music theory?

  • I teach how to identify the key
  • I teach how to count the rhythm
  • I teach how to figure out the harmony

How often are the piano recitals?

  • Annually. See Events for more information
  • Always final Sunday of June

How often should a piano student practice?

  • Routinely to prepare assigned pieces for lesson
  • Cramming blocks learning fundamentals

Do you offer piano lessons in the summer and during school vacation week?

  • Teach all year around