Serenity Coffeehouse hosts a monthly concert, performed by professional musicians and ensembles of music students including children, youth, and adults from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.  Musicians are drawn from local towns and music organizations.  Over the past 20 years, musicians have included vocals, piano, organ, cello, violin, and flute.  They play solo, in duets, or in larger groups.

Joyce Carpenter-Henderson founded Serenity Coffeehouse in 1999 and serves as Artistic Director.

The gathering is held at the Salem Covenant Church in Worcester, MA at 215 East Mountain Street, Worcester, MA.  Parking is available in the front and rear of the Church.

Serenity Coffeehouse is celebrating its 22nd year in 2023.  We thank our many talented musicians and appreciate our audience members.

Masks are optional.

2023 Schedule, 7-9 pm, unless *otherwise indicated:

  • June 30th at *7:30 pm:  Jagan-Nath Khalsa, violin; LeeAnna Hazel, Piano; Wayne Ward, piano
  • July 28th: Diana Mukusheva, piano, and Sarah Kelly, flutist
  • August 25th: Lee Anna Hazel, piano, and Wayne Ward, Piano
  • September 22nd: Recitalist Ivan Gusev performs music of Clara & Robert Schumann
  • October 27th: Kristjon Imperio and Pakachoag Music Students
  • November 17th: David Pihl, pianist, featuring women composers
  • December 15th: Holiday Concert. Ivan Gusev's and Maria Ferrante's piano and voice students

2024 Schedule, 7-9 pm, unless otherwise indicated:

  • March 22nd:  Yuia Zhuraleva and violin students.  Also celebrating Serenity House's 23rd anniversary.

Serenity Coffeehouse is funded by private donations (cash, check or Venmo).